Electric hair: easy and effective remedies

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Last updated on December 23, 2023, At 05:41 PM ET

Posted on December 23, 2023, At 05:41 PM ET

All hair can become electric , but certainly, some types are more subject to this effect: for example thin hair and curly hair . The reasons why hair becomes electric are varied; However, all of them involve a chemical and cellular modification of the cuticles , compromising their balance, promoting the loss of water and exposing the hair to external aggressions. In practice, the hair becomes dehydrated and becomes frizzy . This effect is more frequent in the winter season for two reasons:

  • the climatic conditions that aggravate the situation;
  • rubbing with scarves, hats, and sweaters , mostly acrylic.

But if the causes are complex to explain, the remedies we can adopt to counteract this unpleasant effect are much easier!


We have already talked several times about how our eating habits affect the health of our body, including our hair. And even in this case, we reiterate that the secret is to keep the hair in perfect health , also through correct nutrition . We therefore do not miss out on meat, fish, and legumes on our tables , rich in amino acids that promote the synthesis of keratin. To keep the hair well hydrated, vitamin E (contained in oily fruits , such as olives) is essential .

Correct products

Choosing the correct products for washing your hair is essential. The washing operation must also be well carried out. In this way, washing time preserves and improves the health of our hair, even if frequent.

For electric hair, we recommend hydrating and delicate shampoos (such as Emmediciotto's EveryDay Shampoo ). It must be rinsed well with warm water and finally with cold water to stimulate the microcirculation. The conditioner should be chosen combined with the shampoo; once a week a hydrating mask can be a moment of relaxation for us and a source of nourishment for our hair .

Perfect drying

Just like washing, drying properly also helps your hair stay healthy. To combat electric hair in particular, we use microfibre towels without rubbing the hair too much; Professional hairdryers and straighteners can be of great help as they respect the hair structure without further stressing it. 

Furthermore, if we have the problem of electric hair, when we dry our hair in the bathroom which is still muggy and full of humidity from the fresh shower we make the situation worse because we get the same effect as a rainy day. Better then choose another room for drying your hair.

If you regularly use straighteners, choose a professional one that respects the structure of the hair without damaging it.  To combat electric hair, do not select the highest temperatures.

If you regularly use straighteners, choose a professional one that respects the structure of the hair without damaging it. To combat electric hair, do not select the highest temperatures.

Brushes and combs

As a first tip, let's learn to comb and brush our hair for the time strictly necessary.

The natural bristles are more delicate for the hair and guarantee the distribution of the sebum throughout the shaft; the synthetic bristles instead help to stimulate the scalp. For electric hair, it is always better to use natural or mixed bristle brushes .

Anti-frizz treatments

If our hair tends to be particularly electric and frizzy, an anti-frizz treatment helps keep the hair healthy and shiny, protecting it from external aggressions and compacting the cuticles.


If the effect is more noticeable in the morning, as soon as you get up, then we can change the pillowcases to limit the damage: we choose silk ones , perfect for not creating friction and avoiding frizz.

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