Brilliance between time and beauty: luxury gold watches

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Last updated on December 23, 2023, At 06:29 PM ET

Posted on December 23, 2023, At 06:29 PM ET

Watches are one of the most important accessories that no woman can do without, so we have collected for you, Madam, the most beautiful watches decorated with pearls and diamonds for an unparalleled luxurious look!

Shooting Star luxury watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre

This watch literally comes to life on its owner's wrist. As if by magic, a shooting star appears randomly, four to six times an hour. The secret of this complication is hidden in the center of the shiny dial surrounded by diamonds. Three superimposed discs make the star appear and disappear. The scene is so beautiful!

Luxury watch from Patek Philippe

Design with a circular frame made of white gold studded with white diamonds, the dial is made of attractive mother-of-pearl, while the triple tourbillon occupies the center of the dial to reveal the time in a classic, elegant and striking mechanical movement. The watch comes with a gray crocodile-embossed leather strap.

Luxury watch from Rolex

Designed with a steel bracelet, the frame is made of white gold and is completely studded with white diamonds. The dial of the watch is made of white mother-of-pearl with luxurious diamond hour markers.

Luxury watch from Tag Heuer

It comes with a flat, circular steel bezel set with round-cut diamonds. The dial is decorated with white mother-of-pearl and reveals the time and date smoothly. The watch comes with an attractive purple leather strap.

Luxury watch from Vacheron Constantin

Designed with a circular frame made of yellow gold and decorated with diamonds, the dial is made of white pearls printed with haute couture and carries a transparent piece that reveals the phases of the moon above the clouds.

We hope that you liked one of these luxurious pieces, ma'am.

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